in navision,"planning flexibility"

Currently,I found the word "planning flexibility" is always used,but i don't
know its mean,and where card is used in navision,please give me a answer,very thank you!!! :-k :-k


  • blintjensblintjens Member Posts: 4
    Planning flexability indicated whether the requisition system should regard the open purchase lines/production line as fixed (unchangeable) or flexable.


    You've entered a sales order with a shipment date of 01/12/08. On running the requisition worksheed, you'll get the advice to purchase the ordered goods on, let say, 15/11/08, based on the lead times.

    Now, when the customer requests the goods to be delivered later and thus the shipment date is changed to 15/12/08, the requisition worksheet can result in the following when re-run:
    - Planning flexability = unlimited
    Cancle Purchase order line for 15/11/08
    Add Purchase line for 30/11/08
    - Planning flexability = None:
    Add purchase line for 30/11/08.

    This is just an example as the requisitioning system is quite complex and has many, many parameters.

    The field can be found on the purchase lines and on the production orders.

    In version 4, the planning flexability has the default value of unlimited. I take it this is unchanged in V5.
  • FommoFommo Member Posts: 138
    blintjens wrote:
    Planning flexability indicated whether the requisition system should regard the open purchase lines/production line as fixed (unchangeable) or flexable.

    Does this mean that those lines that has Planning Flexibility = None is not taken into calculation at all when running Calculate Plan in Requisition worksheet? It seems that this is the case in version 5.
    It's kind of stupid if that's the case. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong or am I stupid myself.
    My customer never want any recalculation of the already planned purchase orders. If I set "Planning Flexibibilty = None" on the purchase rows I avoid the replanning of those lines, BUT then the systems seems to ignore the lines completely. I get suggestions of creating new purchase orders of exacly the same amounts as I already have. ](*,)

    Is there a way of making the calculate plan functionality see the existing purchase orders without recalculate them?
  • schpidischpidi Member Posts: 25
    hi fommo,

    it seems that we have the same problem...
    i also don´t want to make the planning run rescheduling my released purchase order lines,
    but I want it to see the line as "replenishment order", that it sees that the purchase order line will supply the goods to inventory.

    Did you already find a solution for the problem somewhere?

    Would you also check my threat:

    Thanks a lot!

    Kind Regards,
  • quidammquidamm Member Posts: 12
    OK, I realize it's been almost 3 years since the original post. Not seeing any solutions to this issue. We're experiencing the same problem. NAV is suggesting multiple Purchase Orders to cover a single demand. It is only happening within a ReOrder Cycle and for demand later than the Purchase Order with the Planning Flexibility of NONE (demand is later but still within the ReOrder Cycle). Outside of the ReOrder Cycle, it seems that NAV decides to account for all Purchase Orders again. So there's some double purchasing within the ReOrder Cycle but all purchases are accounted for eventually. The double purchasing is obviously a big problem if you're dealing with large quantity purchases... you'll end up with way too much inventory in stock. Not quite JIT.

    We're having this problem with Blanket Purchase Orders. The transaction is actually a Blanket Purchase Order but we (meaning the head purchaser) doesn't like NAV's Blanket Purchase Order functionality. Instead, we're using a single PO with multiple releases. It's an especially long ReOrder Cycle in cases whith is drawing out the Planning Flexibility issue. I'm thinking we'll have to give this a try using actual Blanket Purchase Orders - dig into the short comings with the Blanket PO functionality.

    Definitely open to any other ideas? Let me have it!!!
    The problem's usually between the chair and the keyboard!
  • KeyeungKeyeung Member Posts: 1
    We had the same issue here - Especially for Released Purchase Orders or Production Order, where the planning was just ignoring the quantity on the lines if the Planning Flexibility was set to None. The work around, was not to change the Planning flexibility and leave it as Unlimited - The system will try to suggest a change in quantity from the Original quantity to the New quantity. The difference between the 2 fields (if greater than 0) is the one you probably need.

    I've changed the logic in the PlanItem function in the CU99000854 Inventory Profile Offsetting to check for the status of the Production Order and Purchase Order and based on the Reordering policy of the Item, calculate the difference and propose the difference on the Requisition Line.
  • Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    Planning Flexibility is meant to indicate that the produciton order is generated as an independent demand.

    Basically, there are no external requirements that needs the item, you're just creating the production order for whatever reasons.
  • jmantzjmantz Member Posts: 2
    I realize its been over 5 years, but if you are still around Keyeung would you mind sharing the code you used to change the logic in the plan item function?
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