Funny things with reports

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I don't know the way this can be useful but...I'd like to tell you, maybe you'll find a way.
-Export a report (with some sections) in txt format.
-reduce sectionheight parameter amount in order to make it less than the height of the controls contained (you are not able to do it in NAV)
-Import and compile
-print :shock:

(the sections will be printed one over the other)
Funny "Feature", isn't it?
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    One positive use you may be able to get out of this is for something like functionality of having every other line gray background (I'm sure there is a more formal way to describe this).

    Instead of creating 2 sections with 2 identical controls within them and one having the gray bmp in the background... you can just have 2 sections: One of the controls, and other of the bmp. And just put the code in the bmp section to SHOWOUTPUT.

    I'm sure there could be other benefits if this truly isn't buggy. (like substituting fields where 1 column of information would show for a specific style of your report and the same column would not be required for the other style. but instead a different column would be needed in its place. -- to do this without having to create 3 sections with all the same data [you want to make a change to the main look, you have to change all three sections] except the 2 columns.)
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