Wierdness With Excel after Installation of Navision 3.70

davidgdavidg Member Posts: 4
edited 2004-04-22 in Navision DOS
Has anyone experienced a deterioation of Excel performance since running Navision? The Excel workbooks that I use contains 40 thousand line items and a few worksheets. I also use Lookup and SumIf functions

This happened after i installed just client portion. Then I removed client and installet the "typical" with d-base.

Thank You for any tip


  • Edward_BloomfieldEdward_Bloomfield Member Posts: 154
    Hello David,

    You really need to post this to the Navision Attain forum. This forum is for the old character based version (Pre-Windows).

    Sorry - Don't know the answer to your problem.
    Edward Bloomfield

    Senior NAV Consultant
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