Rolepad is not supported on this device

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Hi all,

I'm having problems when running Dynamics Mobile applications in mobile device. I have Psion Workabout Pro -device with Windows Mobile 6 Professional operating system. I understood that this was supported platform with mobile applications. However, running rolepad.exe in this device gives me this error "Rolepad is not supported on this device"!

When same application is ran from Visual Studio 2005 targeting Windows Mobile 6 Professional emulator, it works like a charm.

Hope that someone can enlighten me with this issue.




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    May be that the compact .net is not installed on the device...
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  • rotoflexrotoflex Member Posts: 14
    kine wrote:
    May be that the compact .net is not installed on the device...

    Looks like my device has VGA display and Dynamics Mobile only supports QVGA.
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    please use the mobile framework windows 5.0 ce it will work properly because the version which is used in the framework that was in partnersource is suitable for windows ce5.0 only
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