SUM up of Amount per group

chadchad Member Posts: 25
Hi Guys!

Anyone can help me to sum up the amount per group in my report? like e.g in SQL

select productpricegroupid,sum(amount) from mw_price_discount
group by productpricegroupid


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    sendohsendoh Member Posts: 207
    Welcome to mibuso..:D

    there are couple of ways to do that in NAV but it depends on the requirements though.

    - >group your report and put the variable Amount on the group footer use the createtotals function.

    - > Create a function that return the sum of the amount.
    Function GetSumperProductID(pID : Code[10]) : Decimal
    if yourtable.findset then repeat
     vLocVariable += yourTable.Amount;
    until yourtable.next = 0;

    3. do the search, there are many threads here like on your problem..
    be smart before being a clever.
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    chadchad Member Posts: 25
    Thanks sendoh! :)

    I Created a function to sum up the amount thanks to you. thanks for helping to solve my problem.. :D
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