SQL server returns . as . not _ !

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ran into a strange "problem" today. Ever since I started writing c# code against SQL server Navision databases I've had to replace . with _ such as "No." would be "No_".

Then today while installing at a client all off a sudden the SQL Server doesnt want the "No_" but gladly accepts "No." !!!!

Is there a setting on the server that does this or does anyone know how to tackle this otherwise than changing all the sql queries to use . instead of _ ?



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    I've never changed this setting but on file->database->alter->Integration Tab

    You will find remove characters text box

    Is the Convert identifiers checked?
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    It is in the NAV setup under alter database.

    Reallly do not change it. We have some customers (3 if I am not mistaken) who have that running and it is a nightmare. SQL officialy does not support it. You can run into all kinds of ugly supprises.
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    Yes - I decided to change the SQL syntax rather than taking the chance on changing the server as this has to be up at all times.

    Thanks for the help tough - at least I know the cause now.
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