synchronizing to-dos and contacts in Outlook

NagiNagi Member Posts: 151

I'm experiencing a problem with synchronizing to-dos from NAV4.02 SQL to Outlook. The problem is that the contact associated with the to-do isn't always attached to the to-do in Outlook. This is an obvious problem for the recipient of the to-do, because he/she won't know which contact the to-do is intended for.

I've tried looking for any variables between the to-dos that are synchronized correctly and those that aren't, but I can't spot any. Sometimes the contact name won't show under the first tab of the to-do in Outlook and you have to click the details tab to see the contact, but sometimes it doesn't show at all (not under the first tab and not under the details tab).

We've made sure that the contacts are synchronized correctly before we synchronize the to-dos.

Does anybody have a suggestion on how to solve this? Any tip would be greatly appreciated.

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