Send Link By Email --> Blocked By Outlook 2007 not 2003

PolycoPolyco Member Posts: 2
Greetings Forums,

Got a problem I have been unable to find the solution to anywhere else. In the process of migrating our users from Office 2003 to Office 2007, we have hit a snag.

Our users send .URL links from Navision (version 4 btw) to each other via Outlook. A recipient will double click on this link to open the URL and get to the correct screen in Navision. In outlook 2003 this worked rather well with a few custom security settings we setup. However in 2007 it wants the user to save this URL file to disk before allowing the user to open it. I cannot begin to tell you how confused our users are that they have to do this (Whispers - or how simple they are that they dont understand this!)

How are you guys sharing information like this? Using the Send to Email link? Via Outlook? or another method?

Thanks in advance,



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