XSL style sheets with Navision 5.0sp1

imurphyimurphy Member Posts: 308
In the text associated with download 869:


it says:
Note: To be able to use the tool, a license update is required.

What it doesn't say is which update?
I can't find this product on the partner source site. Does it come from MS? Will mbs know what it is if I request the update for the XSL style sheets tool? - I've already done this but they sometimes take days to respond.
My license postdates this download, so maybe its already present.

In any case there seems to be precious little info on using stylesheets. I've read the 'Creating XML Style Sheets for Data Export from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0' which only explains part of the mechanism. This is the only documentation I've come across so far. Does anyone know of anything else I should be reading?

XSL is not the bit I need to understand. Its how does navision choose which stylesheet to use and how I intervene.

It seems obvious it does have a selection mechanism since the text says
there are also style sheets for specific forms and for specific purposes
but infuriatingly which specific purposes and forms is not mentioned, nor how it does this.

I'd like to know how it decides that on the client card it decides to use 'CustomerLetterToWord.xslt' and not some other - is this hard coded in a table somewhere.

¿Anyone else already suffered through this who can point me to better material?




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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Selecting which template will be used (stylesheet) is on the user. It is why there is the 3rd icon right from the Word and Excel export icon. There you can select which template you want to use for the specific form you are on. And do not forget about the new item in menu "Tools-Manage Stylesheets" where you can import stylesheets and where you define for which form they can be used for...

    And documentation for the style sheet tool is part of the tool.
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    imurphyimurphy Member Posts: 308
    Clicking on this icon only loads, in my case, a list of two items. An excel style sheet and a word one, regardless of which form I open.

    There must be an underlying table which says from form x use stylesheet y, from form A use stylesheet B etc etc.
    However all I can find is tables 200000066 and 200000067, which contain guid's with no clue as to what purpose they serve nor how an instruction to open a particular stylesheet should be inserted.

    Is this documented anywhere that you know of? I have access to partnersource but searching, as usual, shows up nothing.

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    imurphyimurphy Member Posts: 308
    Never mind. I found and have been playing around with the MS Dynamics Nav stylesheet tool - it seems to answer all the above questions.

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