ODBC error in excel (from Navision)

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I have runtime update my Navision from Navision 3.7 to Navision 5.0. That’s running very succesfully. I have install the ODBC drivers, and I can receive data in Excel from Navision 5.0 with out any problems. It works fine too:) The problem is that the old excel sheet that was created based on Navision 3.7 does not work any more. It comes with error message that:
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source not found and no default driver specified.

Do anyone know how to change the datasource in excel so I can "link" it to the correct Navision database.

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    Not sure which version of excel you are using but in 2007
    go to the data tab
    get external data, from other sources, from microsoft query.

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