Create opport/quote/order/inv prod through workflow CRM 4.0

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I'm trying to implement a workflow that creates several opportunity products from the moment an opportunity has been created.
I seem to be unable to select the entity "Opportunity product" when I create a step of the type "create record".
It seems to be the same for quote product, order product and invoice product.

An example for what I might do :
From the moment an invoice is created, there should be an invoice line (= invoice product) adding the product "transport" to my invoice. This way, users should only type the quantity, and cannot forget to add the product.

Is there any way to resolve this?



  • sboerssboers Member Posts: 1
    I would like to create a contract when a service or subscription product is sold (order status is Won). The products should be added to the contract but I cannot create the lines.

    To invoice subscriptions I would like to create a new order based on an invoice for the last period. So when the invoice is sent to the customer the order for the next period is created.

    Doe anyone know how to clone an order. Or how to modify workflow so quote/order/invoice /contract lines can be created
  • TheoKTheoK Member Posts: 8
    I'm struggling with this same issue and Microsoft has still not added these entities to the workflow. Does anyone have something that could be a solution to this problem?
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