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How much customizing can you do with the internal language of navision ???

E.g. post lines to different GL accounts.
Modifying the way navision handles data.
Spliting lines

From what I;ve seen from Navision it allows customizing of Forms, adding extra fields, may a few lines of code here and there to check field this basically it for navision ????


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    There is no limit to what you can do with Navision. Each time that I thought that something would be impossible to do, someone wrote an external app that you can call from within Navision to help you do it. The development environment is not as advanced as say Visual Studio, and of course there are some limitations to what you can do with it, but ANY business requirement can be programmed inside Navision.

    I'm sure that many people are going to say Navision is very limited, but let's not forget this is an ERP package, we're not in the gaming business, we're not rewriting operating system or anything like that. Navision is an ERP package, and within that scope there is no limit to what you can do with it.
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    Yeah I guessed you could call external program (e.g. VB) from within Navision, but what about using the internal language C/Side ??

    Can you change the way navision handles postings , etc. your c/side code deals with them instead of navision internal code which you cant modify.
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    All business logic is written in C/AL code, so you can modify everything if you want. Provided you have the right license to do it, you can modify all posting routines. Of course Navision would very very VERY strongly recommend you NOT doing this :), but in practice we've all tinkered with them to a certain extent.
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