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milindmilind Member Posts: 130
Can any one tell me how the starting date and starting time.Ending date and ending time are reported on the job card report.Because when I create a production order it shows needed time as 50 Minutes,but in the
report it shows

Starting date as 05/29/08
Starting time as 2:38:42PM
Ending date as 05/31/08
Ending time as 8:03:30am

The actual time neede is only 50 min but in report it is showing 2 days.
How it is calculated



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    cernstcernst Member Posts: 280
    Startingdate and endingdate is based up on a leadtime calculation. This calculation is not only based on runtime but also on wait time ,transport time ,efficiency on the machine center or workcenter, the calendar for machine center and work center, que time etc. So in order to explain start tiem and ending time you need to take a look at a lot of parameters.
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    AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283
    "where" is it showing this 50 minutes?
    What are the defined elements of the routing associated with the works order and the times?
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