Query on flowfields and date filters

FiFi Member Posts: 7
Hi there,

I have had a query from a colleague and I would think the answer is no to the question but would like to check anyway in case there is actually a way around the issue.

Is it possible to display the same flowfield on 3 separate frames on a single form and apply a different date filter to the flowfield on each separate frame thereby producing diff. results?


Flowfield could be on Item table reading off value entry table and then have 3 frames to show Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly sales say.

Just curious if there is any known way to implement this?

Thanks in advance,



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    JedrzejTJedrzejT Member Posts: 267
    I think 'No', but little code help with that.
    In Onaftergetrecord trigger count flowfield 3 times with diffrent flowfilters and put them into varaibles. Insted "field name" put those variables in sourceexpression of textbox.

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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    You can use standard F9 logic and copy similar logic into your form. Make sure you test it for performance though, because it's going to put a lot more stress on the system. The more flowfields you put on a form, the more performance is going to decline.
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