Nav 5.0 INSTALL Business Notification Server failed

teckpohteckpoh Member Posts: 271
Dear Ladies/Gentlemen,
Install "Business Notification Server" that time, after key in username & password then choose localhost/Another server then i click on next button

BUT the system keep prompt me msg "Login not found on selected SQL Server" instead i already set up every thing and the sql server is connected. Is this a bug???i already go through the installation manual....or i miss out something?



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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    It seems that the user name and password is not set on your SQL server (I do not know if it must be DB Login or WIndows login. If it is DB login, check, that SQL is in MIxed mode authentication).
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    teckpohteckpoh Member Posts: 271
    the user was set in sql server 2005...if anybody hit the same error msg..plz let me know..
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    azerty74azerty74 Member Posts: 82
    And what if you change localhost to the actual name of the machine ?
    Localhost sometimes does not work for some reason...
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    teckpohteckpoh Member Posts: 271
    Ya i changed to machine name instead of localhost...but same thing happen.. so bad..damn...
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    teckpohteckpoh Member Posts: 271
    Dear All,
    FINALLY I FOUND THE SOLUTION...it's not work wit setup file of nav 5.0 myr version SP1.
    When i use nav 5.0 MYR version without SP1...the installation work successfully.. :) i think ther must be a bug for setup file of nav5.0 SP1 myr version... :)
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