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nromainnromain Member Posts: 57
hello everybody :) ,

i have a problem when i try to access the current sessions management on a NAV5.0 SQL.

It seems there are lots of entries (but only 2 current sessions) and Navision is freezing (not responding).

i have to stop fin.exe

The database is very small (<100Mo) and the server is powerful. Have you ever encounter this problem?


Best regards,



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    jlandeenjlandeen Member Posts: 524
    Yes I have encountered this problem with a client site and would also appreciate it if anyone can shed some light onto why this may not be working.
    Jeff Landeen - Sr. Consultant
    Epimatic Corp.

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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    1) Try to use SQL Profiler to see what is client doing on the SQL, and what is doing SQL server...
    2) Have you tried SP1?
    Kamil Sacek
    MVP - Dynamics NAV
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