Navision Service Licence

alsolalsol Member Posts: 243
Hello there,

Recently I read in a Microsoft presentation about Navision licences for Service partner which help their clients supporting and developing Navision such as NSC's but which can not sell licences. I could not find any information about it, so does anybody know about such a licence?

I am asking this because I have some clients which are not happy with their official NSC because their knowledge, especially around finance and controlling (inventory valuation, setting up chart of accounts, margin calculations, VAT, ...) is quite bad. From time to time it would be useful having a developer licence and the client does not want to buy one.

And becoming a partner does not make sense for me because I would need to hire someone to pass all the SQL and database exams which is not needed because I never sell and setup new Navision solutions.

Any help would be appreciated.


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