Base Currency setup in USD -Urgent

bharethbhareth Member Posts: 55

I am working for a consolidation process in navision

Kindly suggests me the setps that i have to do if i want to create a company which has Base currency(LCY with USD).

Becoz,whenever i created a company in Navision its base currency is set to INR ..

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Bhareth S B


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    rajpatelbcarajpatelbca Member Posts: 178
    i don't understand what is the problem.you have created company with INR as a base currency. i think u need to follow same procedure. but you have keep one thing in your mind is that u do not enter USD in currency table.
    all exchange rate will be according to USD.

    have u read the forum rules. dont use Urgent keyword in your title or message otherwise nobody will reply you.

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    Rajesh Patel
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