What is the "customizebility" level of MS POS??

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Hello everyone,

my company is MS dynamics partner, working mainly with NAV. Now I'm
searching for a point of sale solution. MS POS looks like to be appropriate,
but I'm interesting, if it's possible to extend POS's functionality? for exp.
add buttons, fields on the forms, rename them (in unicode), create reports..
that is: are MS POS partners allowed to view/change code directly (like in

And the second question: how do you think, NAV + MS POS will be the right
solution, or there is other better alternative (other then LS Retail)?


  • dynavicsdynavics BurgenlandMember Posts: 5
    There is definitely a better solution:

    Dynamic Retail

    see also http://www.dynavics.com

    In there you can customize whatever you need and it is not just a POS !!!

    best regards

    T :) M[/url]
  • vanrofivanrofi Herselt (Behind the world)Member Posts: 272
    much better :lol:
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