Select all fields in dataport

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How do you select all fields in a dataport??
is that possible??
or do I have to select each field manually?



  • rajpatelbcarajpatelbca Member Posts: 178
    i think you have to select it manually.
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  • garakgarak Member Posts: 3,263
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    1. Open "Field Designer"
    2. Open "Field Menu"
    3. Select all (some) fields in Field Menu
    4. go with mousecourer to "Field Designer" and click there with left mouse button
    5. Confirm with yes
    6. delete all fields you not need (for example BLOBs)

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  • bbrownbbrown Member Posts: 3,268
    Open Dataport fields

    Open Field Menu

    Click and hild on upper left corner of Field Menu. All entries get highlighted

    Drag to DataPort fields, release, and answer YES
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  • paerenpaeren Member Posts: 13

    Works fine :D
  • rajpatelbcarajpatelbca Member Posts: 178
    #-o oohh sorry. i was made a mistake.

    thanks bbrown, garak =D>
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  • DaveTDaveT Member Posts: 1,039

    Crtl+A select all fields as well :wink:
    Dave Treanor

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