Mobile Sales Virtual PC Image v4.0 SP3

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Hello everybody,

I downloaded from PartnerSource only to find that the file header or something is corrupt.

File size: 2,81 GB ( Bytes)
MD5: cd9dbe6f06b5314bff898d52f470529a

I downloaded the file three times to no avail. I didn't check the MD5 on the first download, but it is the same for the second and third. So I figure that the problem is with the file, not the download.

Can someone confirm this problem?

Jan-Peter Hashagen


  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,300
    Yes I've seen it just a minute ago in the MS public newsgroup, posted by you :mrgreen:

    These technical issues should go to MSFT tech support, they will be able to help fix the problem. Other than that you might want to try clearing your browser cache, and try again. Maybe try it from another computer.
  • wakestarwakestar Member Posts: 207
    About two weeks ago I downloaded it 3x and I was not able to unzip it... corrupt file.

    Then I went on vacations ( :D ), came back this monday, tried again and it worked! VPC is running..
  • japehajapeha Member Posts: 13
    that's great news! Thanks :)

    thanks for your suggestions.
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