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Hello all,

My client some time ago has moved from native database to sql one (version NAV3.7 - SQL 2000). Now when I want to import new addon functionality I receive following error message:

Column names in each view or function must be unique. Column name "Allow Posting From" in view or function 'User Setup' is secified more then once.

As far as I know this error is related to the fact, that one table includes two fields with the same english caption. Everything works just fine in the case of native database. Is it possible that Navision SQL option has got mentioned restriction?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Navision Application Version: 4.0SP1
Navision Database Version: 4.0


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    Yes, as you can see, it is possible (You cannot have two columns with same names in SQL, Native can use ID of the field to address the fields, but still I do not know how NAV can differ between which field you want to use when you enter int into code... ).
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    The problem is not with fields names. These are different. The problem is with caption of these fields. If English caption is the same for two fields of the same table, mentioned error occurs. If I change caption of one field, everything is just fine. I just can't believe that this might be true [-o<

    Navision Application Version: 4.0SP1
    Navision Database Version: 4.0
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