Error in serail no. tracking

kgsinhakgsinha Member Posts: 67
Hello Genius,
I am using Nav 4.03
I am geting one error message in serial no. tracking.
"You can not enter 32:0,5226 record id, the curser is infront of invalida char"

This is error is coming, when i trying in sales order or in anywhere.
Some time this error comes, some time does not.. i don't know why.. ](*,)

](*,) ](*,)
Pls give the detail of this error.......if any.

Thnks in advance


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    apertierraapertierra Member Posts: 61
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    sounds like you might have a customization there that is giving you problems
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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Try to enable debugger and look at the code where this error is displayed.
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