[Urgent] Intercompany demo setup problem

annie1234annie1234 Member Posts: 27
Please advice why this message comes up when I try to restore the IC back-up Demo 4.0 in Microsoft Dynamics 5.0, I get the Demo backup file from Microsoft.

Error message:
"You cannot delete or change the type of the Queue Priority field (in the Customer table) before the value in the field is reduced to 0 (zero) or " (blank) in all records. This message occured beacuse a nonzero value was found for the record No.='10000' in company CRONUS Consultancy Ltd."

The companies are setup in the database after clicking “OK” to this error message but the setup inside each company is empty. For example, no Chart of Accounts and IC partner set up.


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    krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,098
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    It means that that field has changed datatype between the 2 versions. Before you restore the backup, you need to clean the field (or in your case you can also do this:remove the Cronus Company)
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    AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283
    Create a blank database and restore the backup into this. I believe this error is caused by data in fields that cannot be altered by the restore, and therefore the restore fails.
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    apertierraapertierra Member Posts: 61
    That error is simple:
    If you are restoring only the objects (importing the objects from the MS's database), it means that a field that you have in your database in that table (field Queue Priority in the Customer table) is not in the object that you are importing (the customer table), and, since there are records with values in that field in your database, it cannot be removed without first cleaning up that field.
    If you are restoring the data only (like it seems you are), it means that the objects in the backup include data in a field named "Queue priority) in the customer table), and, since your object does not contain such field (you need not just to restore data, but also objects), you can't restore the data in your database.
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    annie1234annie1234 Member Posts: 27
    Thanks for all your advices.
    My team finds the table structure in 5.0 is different from the 4.0 IC Demo, the table in 5.0 has to be removed and replaced by 4.0

    The company setup is successful, however, when clicking to the function like "Customer" or "Vendor".
    This error message pops up:
    "Reference to the member prepayment % of the variable could not be solved"

    In the General Ledger function,
    this error message pops up:
    "Reference to the member Bill-to / Sell-to VAT Calc. of the variable could not be solved"

    Would anyone have a clue what these messages mean?
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    apertierraapertierra Member Posts: 61
    Sorry to put it this way, but your team seems to have really low or almost no experience with Navision, at least not enough experience to do what it's required for this task.
    Those errors are simple errors:
    You are calling a function that has a call to a variable (in this case field) that does not exist in the table/method.

    1) If you try to setup a demo that is for a product that runs on 4.0, you use a 4.0 database, not a 5.0, unless the objects affected don't touch the standard objects, or just use an EMPTY 5.0 database (with no objects or data) so what you have is a 4.0 database with 5.0 executables.

    2) If you need to integrate a 4.0 addon into a 5.0 database YOU DON'T JUST REPLACE THE 5.0 TABLES WITH 4.0 ones. You have to put the changes for the addon into the 5.0 tables and modify (if needed) the addon to work with the new 5.0 tables.

    In your case you should do as follows:
    1) Open navision.
    2) Click on File -> Database -> New
    3) Chose the file where you are going to create the database and select an appropiate size (500000 will probably do it).
    4) Wait for the database to be created.
    5) Click on Tools -> Backup -> Restore and restore the backup with the demo, restoring also the objects and data common to all companies.
    6) when it's finished, click F12 to access the main menu by choosing the company.

    That will restore your 4.0 database using 5.0 executables.

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