Role-Tailored User Interface in Dynamics NAV 2009

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David Roys published an article on, which describes how Microsoft will be mapping the application to the role the individual user performs.

Does anyone have an idea as to how this new functionality, as also seen in the new AX release, will have an impact on the types of add-ons being developed in the near future?
Adam Berezin


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    I'm curious... are you here to solicit an opinion, or to advertise that website? :-k
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    Your curiosity is appreciated. Allow me to respond...

    I'm interested in learning about the future of Dynamics NAV, and how it will effect the types of solutions that are being developed by third-party vendors, not to promote the website. I referenced that particular article, because it stuck in my head and urged me to question further, as to whether or not this new application within NAV will effect partners, not just users. Hope that clarifies.
    Adam Berezin
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    he probably felt that way because
    1) It's your website as seen in your profile
    2) your post:

    what some consider to be the first “Microsoft-flavoured” version since buying the Denmark-based software company. Dynamics

    I think Nav has had MS tastyness in it before this version.
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    Ha, definitely understandable. I made the initial post to introduce myself and my organization to the forum users. However, my intention is to learn from all of you, not to actively promote the site.
    Adam Berezin
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    Call me suspicious by nature :mrgreen:. My curiosity was fed because a new member, the CEO of a certain organization, posted two new threads with a link to their own organization's website. What I asked myself when I saw this thread was "is this link posted to start a discussion or to generate traffic to that new website?" Then when you click the link to the article, you have to register a new membership before you can read it.

    I'm furthermore curious as to the nature of that website. I am not convinced that this is really a community website, but that it is owned by a Microsoft partner. I noticed that the whitepapers cover the Add-on portfolio of one particular Solution Center that is trying to get a foothold in the US market.

    I don't see anything wrong with posting links, or with advertising to some extent, I have a link to my own website in my signature too, and many members here link to their own blogs. What is difficult to recognize sometimes though is when things are presented in a certain way to make you think they're something else.

    Anyway, like I said, I was just curious :). Good luck with your new web site
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    Hi Adam,

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but you have posted this issue in the wroung forum - there is one for Nav2009 aka "5.1" aka "6.0" :wink:
    Dave Treanor

    Dynamics Nav Add-ons
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    Guys, I am a relative newbie to the world of forums and I see how my post could have been a little too self-promotional. Sorry about that. But just to be clear, the site I work for really is independent and not a promotional vehicle for any specific partner. Thanks for the input.
    Adam Berezin
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    Just giving you a hard time Adam :mrgreen: make yourself at home here, we always have room for anyone who has anything to contribute

    Just think about it though, was that article really originally posted on your website on April 30?
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    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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    DenSter wrote:
    Just think about it though, was that article really originally posted on your website on April 30?

    Hmm... Good point.. :-k
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