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Today i wanted to convert my Test Database from Nav 3.60 to Nav 3.70, ok there was no problem, but later i could connect with a Nav 3.60 Client AND a Nav 3.70 Client to the Database :shock:, first i was very surprised, because i´ve heard that when it is converted you´ll never could connect with an older version to that database. Could you help me to understand this? :?: :idea:



  • Edward_BloomfieldEdward_Bloomfield Member Posts: 154

    I think you need to post this to the Navision Attain forum, as this forum covers the old character based version.

    I think 3.60 and 3.70 are very similar and therefore you can do this in this case. 3.70 was intended to be a "very big hotfix" to 3.60.
    Edward Bloomfield

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  • WarfoxWarfox Member Posts: 53

    i´ve solved the problem by asking an Navision expert,
    this is normal that this works so, but only if you don´t connect
    to an MBS AP Serv....
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    We've noticed that you can sometimes do this, connect to a 3.6 database with a 3.7 client, but it doesn't always work. I have no idea what it depends on, but I've seen it work, but I've also seen errors when you try it.
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