Ad-on Database for Navision ??

Manuel_A.Manuel_A. Member Posts: 22
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My boss told me that he heard of an ad-on Databse for Navision which contains some extra modules Navision liked and that I shall look where to get or find it. But i cant find anything about it.

Does it exist ? Is it free ? And where can i get it ?

thanks for the information

Manuel A.


  • WarfoxWarfox Member Posts: 53

    i dont think that, something like that exists, but if you´ll find it, give me a sign.
  • Manuel_A.Manuel_A. Member Posts: 22

    I found the Ad-On Database! You can download it at!

    Look at Products->MSBSN 3.70->"Zusatzmodule" -> "Allgemein" -> "Zusatzmodule für Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision 3.70"

    Sorry its german, its NOT in Downloads its in "Zusatzmodule" which i translate "ad-on modules" or something similar.

    But at the moment i have no clue how to install the File. Its a *.fdb

    Any suggestions ?
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