i want answer for 3 questions?

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MB7-222 C/SIDE Solution Development

1.if Message displyed "true" which one is true for the following condition
if Customer.RECORDLEVELLOCK then

A.Windows Authentication
B.Microsoft Nav Service
C.Microsoft Nav App Service
D.The user does not have sufficient permission to read the table.(my Answer)

2.create vehicle master table
Table ID- 5000
10 fields 1 to 10
create another table
table id - 18
10 fields 8001 to 8010

when u compile the both table?

A.Both table will not compile
B.Table ID 5000 will compile but ID 18 does not.(My Answer)
C.Table ID 18 will compile but ID 5000 does not.
D.Neigher table will compile.

3.equal code unit code for the follwoing line
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    I was today on MB7-222, and I had pass it :)... Yupi

    1. Navision use SQL Server.
    I wouldn't take D. It's returning only value, if there is possibility of record-level locking. It is not telling You nothing about User permissions to table (Depending on my knowledge). I can not help You with this question.

    2. In my case I have 50000 - 50xxx license, and I am not able to insert new fields to existing NAV tables, with id less then 50000. So I would chose answer "50000 will compill, and 18 won't".

    3. Validate("Customer No.", NewCustomerNo);
    "Customer No.":= NewCustomerNo;
    Rec.Validate("Customer No.");

    I had 98%, so I can not say that this are correct answers.
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    Thanks for ur help...
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