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I would like to know what are the limitiations of Microsoft Dynamics Mobile when integrated with NAV.


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    I believe the Microsoft Dynamics Mobile product is for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. So any interaction performed with the Microsoft Dynamics Mobile will first have to go through a Microsoft Dynamics CRM server.

    Generally speaking, mobile devices must be "online" in order to connect to Dynamics NAV. The problem is that the data needs to be entered into journals in order to be processed consistently. If you had a "true" mobile application, the "merge" replication would overwrite ledgers with duplicate "Entry No." values, or cause massive conflict resolution issues.

    I have implemented mobile devices with NAV in an off-line scenario, and it does involve a process by which the "sync" process "posts" transactions to the "live" database and re-downloads relevant results.

    To be clear, you DO NOT need to purchase anything to use Dynamics NAV data on a PocketPC when you use the embedded database and .NET Windows Forms.
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    Hi angele77,

    I believe SobyOne is misleading you. The Microsoft Dynamics Mobile is NOT for CRM but as of v1.1 supports both AX and NAV as backend. You do not need to go through a Dynamics CRM server.

    Furthermore Microsoft Dynamics Mobile supports an occasionally connected scenario, meaning that the device does not need to be online at all time.

    If you wish to know more I advise you to go to the Microsoft Dynamics Mobile team blog ( and hit the Email link. I know the team is more than willingly to answer any questions you might have.

    Have a nice day

    Tim Skauge
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