How do I move a NAV certification to a different company?

Paul_DovenerPaul_Dovener Member Posts: 10
We are in the process of getting MBS certification for our company. One of the developers that is about to join us, gained his certification with another company. So we need to transfer his exams from them to us.

1/ What is the process, is it complex?

2/ Who initiates this? Is it a)us the new employer, b)the employee that passed the test, or c)the former employer that he was working with when he passed the test?

3/ Is there a way that the previous company can block this and keep the exam certification for themselves.

4/ I assume the exam can’t be kept by both employers, so MS must somehow inform them that the exam has been transferred. Will MS inform that company of where the employee is now working?

Thanks in advance.


  • AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283

    1. Contact MS through VOICE, [email protected], they handle this.

    2. The employee can do it, although you can as well. It is not the former employer!

    3. The previous company cannot block it as the exam goes with the individual. Only MS could do this.

    4. Not sure MS do inform them, it is just moved, either way they will not tell them, although it is not a very big world, I am sure they will find out!
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  • Paul_DovenerPaul_Dovener Member Posts: 10
    Thank you for that, I will give it a try :D
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