Transactions Coordinator (DTC) configuration in a clustered

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Basically what we need is the following:
• Documentations for:
o installing eConnect on a clustered Application server
o allowing eConnect, which is installed on a clustered Application server, to interface with a clustered ERP database
• What are the best practices and documentations for such a scenario where following are the main challenges
o ERP database is installed on a clustered SQL server (Active/Passive)
o Web application and eConnect are hosted on a Clustered Windows Server (Active/Passive) seperate from the ERP database servers
o eConnect is using Windows Integrated Security so Kerberos delegation needs to be considered
o DTC is needed to be configured to allow eConnect to run transactions against the ERP database
• What are the troubleshooting steps that need to be done on such infrastructure having the above mentioned constrainsts?
• Having the above documentations and troubleshooting steps we can then run the deployment on a staging envrionment simulating Thuraya's real environment. In order to do so, we need a virtual Clustered environment having the following:
• 2 Clustered (Active/Passive) SQL 2005 servers with latest SP
• 2 Clustered (Active/Passive) Windows 2003 server with latest SP
• 1 domain controller – all servers joined to that domain
• Firewall between the SQL servers and the other 2 clustered servers

Description about that Environment:
Workflow1 and Workflow2 are the nodes of a clustered application server (Active/Passive).
• They host the web application that needs to interface with the Great Plains database through eConnect.
• They host eConnect as well to allow interfacing with Great Plains.
• Note that eConnect is configured to use Windows Integrated Security because it's a must so Kerberos Delegation needs to be configured.
• DTC must also be configured

Great Plains is hosted on clustered (Active/Passive) ERP DB Server1 and ERP DB Server2

CORPSQL and MOSS servers are not in our interest.
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