Manufacturing Module - Reversing After Product Shipped.

JAYESHJAYESH Member Posts: 290
Hi Experts,

After order is finihsed is there any way to open again ?

Thankx for the Help.


  • AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283
    I am afraid not. The finishing step is the very last thing you do after all costs are accounted for, this posts all the costs etc. Why do you want to reopen it?
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  • DaveTDaveT Member Posts: 1,039
    Hi JAYESH,

    Adam is correct - finishing a production order is very final. What I have done before is to add a flag on the production order table for "order completed". I let the production staff "complete" the order and filter it from their view. Then the production manager/inventory controller can finish the order normally when all comsumption is recorded.

    Hope this helps
    Dave Treanor

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