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Hello There,

We are using Dynamics NAV 5.0 with SQL Server 2005. We are trying to use MS SQl Reporting Services to pull out some reports, mainly security and permissions related so that we can have those reports published in the Report Portal configured in MOSS 2007. The problem is when I opened the NAV database from SQL Management studio I found that there are only SIDs available in the 'Windows Login' Table. But when I open the same table using object designer I can see User ID as well as Name columns. Can anybody tell me how do I retrieve those fields from SQL Server as it is crucial for reporting.




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    It is why you need to install the XP_NDO stored procedures first to use NAV with Windows logins.

    Just check the output of this SQL statement:
    exec xp_ndo_enumusersids
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    I have installed both xp_ndo_enumuserids as well as xp_ndo_enumusergroups

    Could you please tell me a little more how do I get the user id using this.

    Right now I am able to get the User ID by querying to the AD using LDAP by configuring AD as a linled server. But this is quote comlicated and thought I am able to get the user ID I am not sure how I am gonna use it.
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    can u look into the codes in these stored procedure. It might give u a clue (?)
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    These stored procedures are precompiled, you cannot see the code...

    And sorry, I found out that the stored procedure shows you just SIDs of group which the actual users is member of, not list of all possible sids in the system. It means that connecting to the AD will be much better way.
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