No Items in stock, still a value

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After Inventory Revaluation and Posting Inventory Costs to G/L there is still an inventory value, even though there are 0 items in stock.
I tried to adjust this with a Revaluation Journal, but after Inventory Revalutaion and Posting Inventory Costs to G/L all the original values are back again........???!!!

Customer has been upgraded to version 4.01 and came from 2.01.
The revaluation has to do with Item ledger entries in 2004 - 2006 and these years are closed already. Is this causing the problem?

Can somebody tell me what I should do?


  • MalajloMalajlo Member Posts: 294
    Where are you looking for inv. value? In G/L?
  • BK1960BK1960 Member Posts: 20

    I look in the Item Ledger Entries. The total of Column "Cost Amount (Actual)" has a value but there are no Items anymore.

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  • BK1960BK1960 Member Posts: 20
    Yes I did.
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    Was there any kind of upgrade done here ?
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    Sorry are you saying the ILE entry has a cost amount actual? Well it will have unless the value is zero. You should see an in and an out, the inventory quantity will be zero, the valuation will be zero, but the item ledger entry will still show costs. Little confused to why you think the ILE cost would be reduced after it has been sold. Are you sure you are explaining this correctly?

    I know if you book it out and manually alter the cost you can end up with a value and 0 in stock, but to correct this you can do this again, book it in at one cost, remove it by manually setting the cost to the inbound cost plus the difference. Think this is what I did anyway. Still you need to find out why people are manually changing the costs if this is the case.
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