Item journal check line - posting date error

mrandwijkmrandwijk Member Posts: 8

When I attempt to post a purchase invoice I receive an error saying:

'Posting Date is not with your allowed range of posting dates in Item Journal Line Journal Template Name=",Journal Batch Name=",Line No.='0'.

However I have checked the user setup records and the posting dates on the orders are with the allowed range of posting dates specified in the user setup record.

Code Unit 21 displays the error in a Text001 constant. This is an unmodified code unit.

Until this last line I copied the message from another user, because he/she had the same problem and the answer was to check the g/l setup table and the user setup table. Nothing more! This cannot be the problem though. The database is a native navision 4.2 and the invoices always contained item lines and item charge lines. The weird thing is that maybe a few hours or day(s) later, the invoice can be posted without problems.


  • AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283
    I am assuming the user has actual dates set rather than blank? Any blank settings will get the system to reference the allow posting date range in the GL setup
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  • Revolution1210Revolution1210 Member Posts: 161
    Could possibly point to some other issue, since the error message is reffering to an uninitialized record.

    But double check posting date ranges for user in question first.

    Any modifications to purchase posting etc.?
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  • romeosdfromeosdf Member Posts: 20
    what are the allowed posting date from and to, on user setup and in General ledger setup?
    is it possible you have a conflict in system date format between "M-d-Y" and D-M-Y?
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  • mrandwijkmrandwijk Member Posts: 8
    The user has an empty date until 31/12/08 in his setup and the G/L Setup is from 01/01/08 until empty. But the error cannot be in the setup, because hten it wouldn't be possible to post a few hours later neither.
    The line isn't uninitialized, because otherwise it would already crash with the TESTFIELD("Posting date") that comes before the Allowed posting dates check. The template and batch name and the line no. are always empty when the line comes from a document.
    And no, the setup for the dates ("M-d-Y" and D-M-Y) cannot be the reason neither.
    There have been no changes made to the purchase module either.
    Anyway, I have really no idea where to look for the reason of the problem......
  • AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283
    Can you test the same scenario in Cronus? Always a good starting point.
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  • Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    What was the posting date on the entry? Perhaps the user has entered 07 instead of 08? :lol:
  • mrandwijkmrandwijk Member Posts: 8
    I've made a copy of the database at the moment that we had another invoice like that and in the copy I could post the invoice without problems!
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  • pri_1_ranjanpri_1_ranjan Member Posts: 67
    Probably you can check with user what 'Posting date' was there in the transaction while he / she was trying to post. Also that these posting dates can be modified, hence the posting could have happened at a later stage once sombody modified it.

    Since if a User Setup exists with either/ both [Allow Posting from and ALlow posting to] date fields updated, this will be given higher preference to G/L setup allowed posting date(s).

    Futher more if you restore a backup onto a navtive db, do not come out of the application, and directly start the transaction, u can observe that user id is blank. In such a case allow from and to is from 0d to 21319999D. Hence it may allow the posting to happen (?) {this is just a guess work }
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