How do we get certified in Microsoft Dynamics?

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Hi all,

I'm hoping some of you can offer me a bit of advice, I've been given the task of getting our company MS certified for Dynamics NAV and I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall :(

Basically, what I am finding is that although I know what we need, every website I go to for the necessary learning tools/exams requires us to be certified and enter username/password to access it

Can anyone out there offer me a simple step by step guide to getting this certificate and the SPA because right now I feel I am in a total catch 22 situation.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. Sorry if this all sounds a bit naive but until a couple of months ago I had never even heard of Navision ;-)


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    1) You will need to be Registered Microsoft Partner (this will give you access to the Partner site)

    2) Best way how to do what you need is to contact local Microsoft Office. I thing that they will contact you and will help you in the process.
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    I'm actually in the middle of doing exactly the same thing. Luckily I already have all of the certs. ... ssolutions

    There are two levels. Your organization can be certified in an area of Dynamics, or they can earn a competency.

    For the competency, you need certs for Development, Financials, SQL Server Install and Maintenance, plus two electives. They must be split between two people. You also need three customer references. They get emails and basically click a button confirming that you did the work you say you did.

    You will also get someone from Fargo to call you and help you out with anything once you submit the information saying you are interested in becoming a partner. My contact has been extremely helpful and always answers my questions almost immediately.

    Once you have those you fill out the SPA, the NAV Addendum, and another document that I can't remember. The first two you need two copies of. You mail it off to Microsoft in Fargo.

    Supposedly it takes two business days to process. Can't confirm that as it's been almost a week and I don't think we have heard back yet.

    There's probably a lot more that I'm forgetting. But check out the link above. You can see the requirements for all the difference partnerships you can have.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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    Thanks for the quick replies. It's pretty much the route I have been taking - does anyone have a phone number/email contact for Microsoft UK that I could call directly to kick start this into action?

    We (I) really need to get this actioned ASAP
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    Register yourself in Once you register, it'll tell you exactly what to do.
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