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Hi all,

Stuck on one point...created a HTML Online help for my customizations done in Navision 5.0...

Created four projects named addin_a, addin_b, addin_c and addin_d...
addin_a contains .htm for Forms and Tables
addin_b and addin_d contains .htm for fields of the Tables
addin_c contains various 'how-tos' and 'setting up' topics added.

TOC is created in addin_a with the heading 'Tables' and TOC is created in addin_c with the topics group based on their functionality...

Now help when invoked via F1 works correctly ....but could not see my help in master.chm....I tried modifying master.hhp as mentioned in NOHG.pdf but no help...

Also get following error when I try to open master.chm..
"mk:MSITStore:master.chm::/master.hhc contains an invalid HTML tag"

Please help.....


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    BlackcatBlackcat Member Posts: 28
    i have the same error :(
    was this ever solved ?
    Please help
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    BlackcatBlackcat Member Posts: 28
    i solved it.

    if you use the html workshop the modifiy the .hhc file, there might be invalid html-tags.
    If you compare the new .hhc file with the original one, you will notice the errors.
    you can correct the .hhc file with a text editor, then you just need to compile the .chm again and it should work.
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