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please tell me the steps to create the Navision database in Sql and steps to create the users in sql
Vikram Dabas
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    Just read the documentation which is on the install CD (doc folder, the file with SQL in the name...). There is all described.
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    please, read the manuals on product DVD / CD. There are all steps described.

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    Product disc, in the folder called 'Doc', there's a file called 'w1w1isql.pdf', that's what we're talking about.
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    Beside reading manuals, you could try to get someone to do it for you.
    Then you can learn by watching the other person install NAV on SQL. :wink:

    Tino Ruijs
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    I like that approach more... .

    The w1w1isql.doc is a good start, but I notice that I do a couple of extra steps each time. We got our own (not fully up-to-date :? ) checklist... .

    Eric Wauters
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    Waldo, why not create a how-to? :wink:
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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