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I have installed an Entrepreneur database. Installed a Nas. And i have installed the Outlook Addin. Last week it went well. I made a synchronisation with Entrepreneur and Outlook.

Today I have installed an other laptop the same way I did last week and now I get an error in entrepreneur when I start in Entiteit Outlook-synch. It says :There is no instance of the Automation-variable made. What did I do wrong.

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    Is the Office version different on the other PC? If not it must be a missing feature not installed on this machine. If you can recompile the related outlook objects in NAV..Entrepreneur the error will mark to the objects in which the automation is missing.
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    Today I have tried to install Entrepreneur and Outlook integration again on the same laptop as last week. And I have the same problem as yesterday on the other laptop.

    I have compiled all objects and got no errors. Now I have debugged and it stopped at Codeunit 5300 Function IsEnumeration at line 4:

    IF OSynchFieldIn."Element No." = 0 THEN BEGIN
    OObjInfo := OObjLibrary.GetItem(OSynchFieldIn."Outlook Object");

    OSynchFieldIn."Outlook Object = AppointmentItem
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    Have you heard about the latest outlook update? Are you using it?
    Synchronozation in ENT won't work with 1 user or Cronus license.
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    I have used the latest update of Outlook integration and I use our own developers licence. So I think it has to work.

    I have slashed out 2 lines In Entrepreneur I mentioned earlier and now it works. But I don't get 5 examples for Outlook integration but only 3.

    But for now its fine for me.

    Thank you for your help.
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