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Sapphire123Sapphire123 Member Posts: 112
Hi All:

I've a 4.0 DB running with 5.0 executables. Therefore, excel and word icons do not work. When I try to export into word/excel, I get the following msg, "There is no default stylesheet for program you are exporting". How do I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    You need to import the default stylesheets which are in the "Stylesheets" folder ofthe NAV client. It is the file "NavisionFormToExcel.xslt" and "NavisionFormToWord.xslt". Start he Styesheet manager (Tools - Manage style sheets...), select "Common to all form" and click Functions - Import. Select the stylesheet, enter all the fields, import...
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    Sapphire123Sapphire123 Member Posts: 112
    'Manage Style sheet' option isn't opening an forms?
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    Revolution1210Revolution1210 Member Posts: 161
    You will also need the style sheet management objects from a version 5 database, some functions in Codeunit 1 and to populate the Send-to Program table.

    I've written a quick guide here

    Hope this helps :)

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    Sapphire123Sapphire123 Member Posts: 112

    Yes, your link helped me. Its working now.. however; i wasn't able to find function 'GetUidOffset' from CU#1 Version 5. Regardless, it worked.. :|

    Thank you! :)
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    bob_upbob_up Member Posts: 155

    The link you included no longer works. Is it still possible to see your notes ?

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    PeterDPeterD Member Posts: 66
    I recently activated the Word Excel buttons and this is what I did.

    Copied from Nav5
      C403 Application Launch Management F690 Manage Style Sheets F691 Send-to Programs F692 Import Style Sheet F693 Program Selection F694 Style Sheets
      Contents of T2000000065 Send-To Program Contents of T2000000066 Style Sheet (only the standard style sheet for Word and Excel)
      C1 ApplicationManagement function LaunchApp C1 ApplicationManagement function SelectStyleSheet C1 ApplicationManagement function ManageStyleSheets

    (You must copy these functions to get the correct ID's which are used by the fin.exe)
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