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I have a client that had a disk failure and had to restore Navision.
They had 2 types of backup. navision and SQL.

The SQL is approx 70GB (something wrong there I think!) The navision backup only has about 15 2GB files so it does not seem large enough and we assumed it was not a full backup. On restoring the Navision backup there were a lot of tables missing confirming this theory.

After restoring the SQL backup once the licesne had been uploaded you can log in. however when you go to the company list to open a company it is empty.

I am going out to see the client but wonedered if anyone has any thoughts so I'm not going in blind.




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    1) You cannot compare size of NAVbackup and SQL backup - NAV is backing up just data and objects, SQL is backing up everything (including indexes and SIFT tables which can be 50% of database if the DB is overindexed).

    2) If restore of NAV backup succeeded, there must be all restored. Just check, that zoou are really restoring the backup into clean DB, else some tables and objects will not be restored.

    3) If the SQL backup was full backup, and was restored successfully, all is there. Just check the permissions, synchronize the permissions, check it with sys_admn user etc. to be sure what is the problem. You can use SQL Management studio or another SQL tool to check if the tables and data are there...
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    Also to make sure that you have fully restored the backup is to click on tools and choose restore. It will ask you if you want to continue restore. Click yes.

    After it finishes, it will ask to restore another backup and then you can click cancel.
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