Production for Customer and Getting Service Charge

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I've a scenario. My client receive material from customer and do the production on behalf of customer. Then create a invoice against that jobs. when they receive the material, they not included the cost of inventory in the system. How I map this scenario with the navision 4.0?


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  • romeosdfromeosdf Member Posts: 20
    use NAV service management module,
    create these items as service items
    then invoice the job as service job
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  • AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283
    You could use zero cost inventory and book and consume from a supplier location. It really depends why you are tracking the inventory, if you are simply selling a service it is all a bit irrelevant, unless you are using manufacturing etc.

    Service is another possibility as mentioned, but will probably be overkill for you.
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  • dmitripdmitrip Member Posts: 44
    How about a sales invoice with two lines: the first line is the item with zero cost and the second line is a resource type line for any value-added service. The other option is the item charge.

    It will work if you don't need to have a full manufacturing process.
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