Item Ledger Entry Invoiced Quantity error

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We have encountered a problem with our Navision, whereby a Purchase Receipt and Invoice has been posted for an Order (the Order is now deleted as it was complete), yet when you look at the ILE for the Item, it is showing 0 for the Invoiced Quantity.

The Value Entry for this transaction is correct (i.e. Invoiced Quantity is the same as the Valued Quantity) and the Receipt and Invoice are correct (along with the G/L & Vendor Ledger Entry).

I've looked through the code and the there have been no modifications in the Posting Routine, so I cannot see where this issue would have been caused. If there was a problem with the posting routine, the transactions would have rolled back. I have recreated a backup of the database and posted the documents, yet this time the Invoiced Quantity is populated correctly. I have also not encountered a situation where Navision pulls incorrect information or misses information out of a posting routine.

Has anyone encountered a problem like this before and/or can any light be shed on it??? We use Warehouse Management and this error has not happened before or since.

Also, is it ok for the Invoiced Quantity figure to be amended in the background (we have a developers licence) and what are the risks associated with this?


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    I have seen this before where there was an issue with mismatching at live between certain tables because of the way the customer had chosen to "amend" the data. One of the approaches they made to "correct" the data was to set the invoiced quantity of the ILE to zero to make the VLE and warehouse entries balance. If the ILE is different to the VLE I would suggest the invoiced quantity has perhaps got that way because it has already been set to zero using the developers license :D You need to start with finding out if this was the case and if so why.

    If you run a physical inventory is it the same as the quantity in the item card?
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    It would not have been amended by a developers licence as the users do not have access to one.

    Also, when telling me about the problem, they tried to amend the Invoiced quantity manually only to find out they couldn't.

    As it has happened only once, I do lean towards manual intervention though, as otherwise it would happen more often. Like I said, Navision does not miss bits of information off when it is posting. The only other potential reasons I can come up with, is the way that the quantity's are caculated through the routines or the Order had a negative Qty. to Invoice prior to posting, but I'm not even sure if that is possible

    I've not been able to run a physical inventory, but will check.
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    Native or SQL? If SQL, do not forget that customer can change thedata directly on the server...
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    It is a native database.

    Interestingly looking in detail at the ILE, the Completely Invoiced field value is No and has Applied Entry to Adjust as Yes (and the Purchase Order only had one item and there is a posted invoice against this Order and Item for the total amount).
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