How to define additional charges to the item

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when we make PO in Navision we can also define Item charge and then select either the going to funcation and get recipt Lines or if we are adding charges to the same vendor we can add the charge item line in the same PO.

My question is that by doing above way the paybale to vendor also effected which mean what ever we are adding as additional charges for example custom or clearance additional charges it will reflect to vendor.
How we can do it without reflecting it to the vendor?

I hope I explained my problem please reply me early if some one need more detail please ask.

2nd Question is that I am using FIFO costing and when I buy a product for 500 and 2nd time I bought it for 400 with additional charges of 10 then attime of selling system is calculating the cost as average but not as FIFO it should sale the 2nd time with cost of 410 once my stock is finished which I bought at 500.

I will appreciate quick responses.



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    item charge assignment can only be done through a purchase document, so it has to affect a vendor account.
    regarding the costs, try running the adjust cost item entries batch, then re-check the costs.
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    1. I got the solution. I have to make a new vendor named as Custom or Clearing agent and then I can assign the additonal cost into that vendor name while selecting the recipt lines of the item from an other vendor.
    Thus I will apply the cost to the items only and for the payable I will effect the new vendor to whom I amn really paying the additional charges.

    2. For the FIFO i am still working. I got the idea that we have to sell the items with Lot No. or Serial No. tracking option in order to keep record of item and the vendor and the cost. This formula is ok when we sell via Sales Invoice but when we sell via LSRetail POS it does not ask the Lot No at time of selling it only prompts for serial No even if no serial number is activiated it get trigger of asking serial number if there is any Item tracking code no mattar if it is only for Lot no.
    So thhis problem has to be resolved any suggestions and help are required and appreciated.
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    LS retail does not support lot number tracking, only serial number.
    in case you need lot number tracking/expiry date on LS retail POS, a study should be made to see the possibility of a customization.

    it will depend on the way you are working, Megatek has done it
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