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I have a problem and i need your help. I want to change the way Navision search items when you fill a part of an item No.

For instance, i have three items and one of them is the main item :

Item No. - Main item

In the sales lines, when i don't want to fill the whole item No., i fill AAA and then change field. Then Navision search item No and return AAAAAAAA-01 but i want it to return the main item No so AAAAAAAA-02.

Could you help me please?




  • BeliasBelias Member Posts: 2,998
    try creating a key: Main Item, Item no. and then do a setcurrentkey (with this key) in the onvalidate trigger...dunno if it works...just try...
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  • nromainnromain Member Posts: 57
    Thanks for your reply.

    In fact, in the Onvalidate trigger, i'm set on record Sales Line. I cannot put a setcurrentkey on my item table. Moreover, it seems that in the onvalidate of the field, navision has already return the full item no.

    I d'ont know how do to :cry:

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  • BeliasBelias Member Posts: 2,998
    #-o are not in item table :whistle:

    AFAK navision gets the first item following the primary key, and this is done with the table relation property...I don'know how to do it, sorry
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    If you want to change the way, you will need to modify the OnModify trigger or OnAfterInput trigger on th Form. There is no generic way how to change that.
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