'Division by Zero' when batch posting invoices

Debbie140Debbie140 Member Posts: 52
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I am having a problem with a 'Division by Zero 1/0' error when I try to do a batch post of invoices. The only modifed objects in this install are some of the forms. I am able to post invoices one by one. This also happens in the cronus compnay as well as the compnay I created. I suspect this is a bug in Navision rather than something I have done. Any advice would be appriciated.


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    Dean_AxonDean_Axon Member Posts: 193
    What version are you using ??

    Have you spoken to your solution provider to see if they can recreate this error for you ??
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    rthswrthsw Member Posts: 73
    call your NSC. 3.56 stores the error in the object, so they can yust see where the error occurs.

    also ROUND uses a divisior, maybe there are a unintialized roundingprecision used?
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    Debbie140Debbie140 Member Posts: 52
    I am using 3.70. I work for an NSC (technically I think we are just about to get NSC status) but I am not in the navision division myself. I have taken this problem to them and they can recreate the error in a clean install of the cronus database. They suggested I apply the latest hotfixes (up to GB370 HOtfix 17) which I did and this has not solved the problem.
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    Debbie140Debbie140 Member Posts: 52
    Thanks all for your help. It turns out it is a known problem. The advice to solve is:

    add the following to the sales header - on PreDataItem trigger of report 297
    CounterTotal := COUNT

    You can compere with report 296 which has this line in and works.
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