Right click open multi version fdb without third application

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Hey guys,

I think this is a quite normal question for a person who always has to switch different clients between different version fdbs. I actually found a very easy way to handle it by just right clicking fdb without any third part application after I got some nasty ideas from the guys here, wish it would be helpful for you guys, :),

1) Open any one of windows folder, --> Tools --> Folder Options --> File Typs and then find "FDB" extension.

2) Click "Advanced", you should be able to see the default version of Navision client.

3) Click "New", type "NAV 3.6" on "Action", and specify the client path and start parameters on "Application used to performe action:" like "E:\Navision CDs\Navision 3.6\Client3.6\fin.exe" DATABASE="%1", SERVERNAME=" after that mark the "Use DDE" key "fin3.6" on "Application", "System" for "Topic". Others could be empty. Clieck "OK"

4) Find a fdb database and right click it,

What you see?! :lol:

Best regards,
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