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Hi all why in sql i have decimal fields lenght 38 with 20 decimal part?
Because if i try to use driver Jet 4.0 SP8 (MS ACCESS ODBC DRIVER) this decimal fields are reads like text and not like decimal!
Thx in advance
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    Access supports a maximum decimal precision of 28 digits. SQL allows 38 which is the setting used by Navision. Any decimal field with a precision higher than 28 then Access will treat it as text.

    Possible Solution

    Create a view that formats the decimal fields with a precision that Access can support.

    Example: (This is from a non-Navision database)

    SELECT [ID] ,CONVERT(Decimal(28,10),[Amt]) As Amount
    FROM [Test].[dbo].[Check]
    There are no bugs - only undocumented features.
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    ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

    ok but i have to do this for all the tables that i need and are not few!!!!other possible solution???? [-o<
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    Hi all - i've got the same Prob with Access!

    Other Solutions known???


    Shunkskill :
  • bbrownbbrown Member Posts: 3,268
    I have not found any.

    There are reasons why Access is a fraction of the cost of SQL.

    There are no bugs - only undocumented features.
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    Ok, accepted:)
    But...does it give a tool as simply as ACCESS, however the data types recognizes correctly?

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