GP 9.0 : server_name ('ABC') does not exist

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Hi, I am using GP 9.0. Installed Analytical Accounting in one of the companies. Then opened the 'Utilities' to update the company databases.
During the updation processing, it is throwing the below error.

The following SQL statement produced an error:

use msdb /*IF THE JOB DOESN'T ALREADY EXIST, CREATE IT...*/ if not exists (select name from sysjobs where name = 'Remove Posted TWO PJOURNALs') begin

/*CREATE THE JOB...*/ exec sp_add_job @job_name = 'Remove Posted TWO PJOURNALs',

@description = 'Periodically calls procedure to delete TWO..PJOURNAL rows that are ready for removal' exec sp_add_jobstep

@job_name = 'Remove Posted TWO PJOURNALs', @step_name = 'Call TWO Stored Procedure', @command = 'exec

smCleanupPostingJournalEntries', @database_name = 'TWO' exec sp_add_jobschedule @job_name = 'Remove

Posted TWO PJOURNALs', @name = 'Schedule', @freq_type = 4, /* Daily */

@freq_interval = 1, /* Every 1 Day */ @freq_subday_type = 0x4, /* Minutes */ @freq_subday_interval

= 30 /* Every 30 minutes */ exec sp_add_jobserver @job_name = 'Remove Posted TWO PJOURNALs',


ERROR [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The specified @server_name ('ABC') does not exist.

Please share your expertism to solve this issue.


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