Hotcopy in SAN

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we are testing and implementing a SAN from HP. When we are testing the system we get a problem with the hotcopy.

Begin der Sicherung der EXPORT-Datenbank
Backup W1 3.70

Backup Tool for Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision version 3.70
Copyright (c) 1987-2003 Microsoft Business Solutions ApS.

Backup started at 2008/02/25 12:16:58.

Free space on the destination volume e:\ is 180692544 KB.
Total size of database files is 92000000 KB.

List of database files to be backed up on volume e:\:

List of backup files for volume e:\:

The following message came from the server.

There is no more available space on the disk/diskette.

This message refers to the file .

Please use another disk/diskette or delete some files.

Backup ended with an error at 2008/02/25 12:17:00.

End der Sicherung der EXPORT-Datenbank12:17
How can it be that the hotcopy reads the correct size of the database but then it stops with the message not enough space. Sice of the database is 92 GB and free space will be 210 GB.

Regards Martin
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